Advanced Process Control

Increase Plant Performance in Real Time

Advanced Process Control - Mineral Processing Plant Optimisation implemented within the control system, delivering significant demonstrated value.

Advanced Optimisation Technology

Real Time Economic Process Optimisation

Advanced Optimisation Technology - Estimata is a Optimisation as a Service Platform. Model-based control is suited to optimisation of well-understood unit processes. The performance is superior to that of model-free systems because they are capable of anticipation predicting the process response to new conditions.

Intelligent Real Time Analytics

Unprecedented Process Insights

Intelligent Real Time Analytics - Make faster informed decisions. Discover insights into your processing plant. Find new sources of opportunity for throughput or yield improvement.

Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge Transfer Focus

Publications - Demonstrated advanced control innovation ranging from reclaimer optimisation algorithms to model-based pot control.



Theoretical + Practical Experience Over 65 Years of Advanced Control Experience