Our Value

INNOVATION X is an engineering consultancy providing diagnostic, design and implementation services to industry, optimising existing mineral processing assets. The approach is to ‘challenge normal’, creating solutions bespoke to the customer’s specific needs. We have an award winning proven track record, generating significant bottom line cash flow benefit for our clients.

Our focus areas of product development, technical expertise and implementation services are:

Advanced Control

Operational facilities, whether it manufacturing, mining or petrochemical, process variability is potentially detrimental to the profitability of the business. Advanced Control techniques can allow reduction in process variability and provide the ability to PUSH plant constraints.

Control Scheme Simulation

Continuous time simulations are developed to functionally test control schemes by injecting disturbances of significance to fundamentally test the rejection ability of the proposed scheme.

Mathematical Structures

To understand and map the relationships between elements, enables the ability to construct visualisation tools to see process characteristics from a different behavioural view.

Process Dynamic Simulation

To simulate; is to answer questions. Questions of a process, performance limits, asset dynamics or flowsheet characteristics. A simulation will build knowledge.


Model-based control is suited to optimization of well-understood unit processes (SAG mills, ball mill circuits, flotation circuits, thickeners as an example). The performance is superior to that of model-free systems (expert systems as an example) because they are capable of anticipation and thereby can predict the process response to new situations.

Machine Learning

The ability for a MACHINE or SYSTEM to learn from a data set has unlimited opportunities and applications. We are unlocking this potential with real-time industrial applications.


A conceptual model is a representation of a system, made of the composition of concepts which are used to help people know, understand, or simulate a subject the model represents.

Strategic Review

Process Control strategic direction is critical to maximising value within an organisation. Focusing on value and the delivery against this objective through the application of Process Control principles will yield significant return to an organisation.

Control Performance Assessment

An understanding of the control performance of a process plant is the first step in realising production or performance increases.


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