Advanced Control of Solid-Solid Separation Processes

Solid-solid separation processes are used to upgrade a variety of materials such as coal, tin, iron ore, bauxite and heavy mineral sands. Solid-solid separation processes are routinely used to separate minerals based on differences in intrinsic properties such as specific gravity, magnetic susceptibility, or conductivity. The optimisation of solid-solid separation processes based on the concept of constant incremental grade has long been recognized in the technical literature (Mayer, 1950; Dell, 1956). (Luttrell, G.H., Mankosa, M.J., Strategies for the Instrumentation and Control of Solid-Solid Separation Processes, Mineral Processing Plant Design, Practice and Control, Volume 2.)

INNOVATION X has developed and implemented model-based control schemes yielding significant throughput improvements. The implementations are robust leading to sustainable long-term production improvements. Demonstrated throughput improvements ranging from 38% to 125% are common.