We have developed a robust approach to solving complex control challenges

INNOVATION X consulting services, encompasses automation (controller) performance assessments, advanced process control and data modeling services, real-time optimization, and process control strategy development. Our core pillars of consulting have always been the cornerstones of our success and identity.

Our core pillars of consulting have always been the cornerstones of our success and identity.

The four pillars of the business are represented by the petals of the X, as follows:

Automation Performance Assessment

An understanding of the control performance of a process plant is the first step in realising production or performance increases.

Advanced Process Control and Data Modeling Services

Operational facilities, whether it manufacturing, mining or petrochemical, process variability is potentially detrimental to the profitability of the business. Advanced Control techniques can allow reduction in process variability and provide the ability to PUSH plant constraints.

Real-time Optimisation

Optimisation Model-based control is suited to optimization of well-understood unit processes (SAG mills, ball mill circuits, flotation circuits, thickeners as an example). The performance is superior to that of model-free systems (expert systems as an example) because they are capable of anticipation and thereby can predict the process response to new situations.

Process Control Strategy

Process control strategic direction is critical to maximising value within an organisation. Focusing on value and the delivery against this objective through the application of Process Control principles will yield significant return to an organisation.

Our focus areas of product development, technical expertise and implementation services are:


The Design Phase of the INNOVATION X approach develops control schemes supporting the established objectives for the plant.


The Simulate Phase of the INNOVATION X approach validates the developed control schemes by applying a specific control simulation environment to the design. This phase allows for disturbance and control performance testing.


The Implement Phase of the INNOVATION X approach interprets the validated control schemes to logic specific to the client's control system environment. Commissioning and troubleshooting activities are also incorporated within this stage.


The Evaluate Phase of the INNOVATION X approach evaluates the implemented control schemes against the business drivers to confirm addition to bottom line cash flow value.

Application areas of demonstrated value.